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Science and technology are constantly improving.  And though such improvements enhance the world with greater convenience, there are some technologies that produce unsafe electromagnetic waves.


In varying degrees, common household appliances and electronic devices emit electromagnetic fields or EMFs.  These EMFs, and the waves they produce, are invisible, colorless, odorless and unavoidable.  They are now also fast becoming one of the newest global concerns of the modern era, slowly invading our bodies and quite possibly affecting our health.


In recent years, the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have been of public concern.  Reports have shown that overexposure to EMFs may:


·         Effect DNA

·         Cause headache, insomnia and depression

·         Effect visual acuity

·         Influence people’s well-being and biological responses

·         Create health concerns


Committed to creating innovative healthcare products, Winalite proves that “Technology Creates Love” with its WINALITE EMF CARD.  The EMF CARD is a breakthrough wallet-sized card that absorbs and reduces electromagnetic fields from common electronic devices we use daily.  The EMF CARD helps to reduce the electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution impacting the body; thereby helping to sustain balanced energy.  It can absorb EMF within a radius of 50 centimeters or approximately 20 inches from the card.


While using electronic devices and appliances in close proximity (such as computers, portable video games, mobile phones, portable music devices, etc.), place the EMF CARD near the chest area.  A shirt pocket is an ideal location.  It can also be carried in your pocket, wallet or purse.  You could also put it on a lanyard and wear it in a badge card around your neck.


The EMF CARD by Winalite has been tested by the China Electronic Technology University and China Technology Test Research Laboratory.  The EMF Card …


·         Is designed to absorb and reduce electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

·         Has a lifespan of approximately 6 years; providing long term protection.

·         Is magnet-proof, waterproof, heat resistant and durable.

·         Has obtained National Patent Authority approval in China.



This statement has not valued by the United States Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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