March 8, 2016 Ladies Day Special Event at Winalite’s Korea Branch Office

On March 8, 2016. Winalite Korea Branch Office celebrated Ladies Day making all Korean Ladies very proud to be part of the event, the 300 plus participants over packed the venue.

The Day’s Event started with the Origin of 3/8 Ladies Day. Then video show of past and present roles and outlook of women. The Elite Leader  Chiew gave a talk on “Why Winalite” ?

Followed by GM Kim giving a most exciting outlook of Winalite’s planning and enhanced Marketing Plan; Highlighting “Wincar” line up of the new launched Cosmetics and 2 + 1 product promotion

Lucky Draw hosted by Elite Leaders Yang yingzhu, xiaxi white, park meixing and other senior leaders, with Grand prize of 120,000 Won

Grand Finale set the tone by GM Kim singing “meet”and gifting free “Win Coffy” followed by Gala Dinner on 3rd Floor Restaurant featuring rice cake, steamed meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Although to outsiders it is not a Mega Event, but all participants wearing big smiles and satisfaction on their faces, feeling very excited and fully confident to march on with the Winalite business. Let us all Congratulate Winalite Korea to a most successful future.








No.6 Shanhua Road, Yanghe Town, Gaoming District, Foshan, Guangdong, China PRC