There is no God in this world, only ordinary people stand up.


There is no God in this world, only ordinary people stand up.

In this epidemic sweeping the whole country, we have seen perseverance, dedication and great love. The front-line medical staff who kept staying on the line of fire for 16 hours, the face which was "destroyed" by masks, this pictures hit the heart directly and make people cry, let alone to the staff who drank less water, wore diaper and stuck in the front line to save limited protective clothing. They wear heavy protective clothing and work for an average of 6-8 hours continuously after entering the isolation area, which is the most real working state of medical personnel fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control.

Because the protective clothing will be invalid once worn and taken off, in order to make full use of each set of protective clothing, save protective materials, and avoid the risk of infection caused by frequent wearing and taking off when going to the toilet, the front-line medical staff can only try not to change the protective clothing. If the front-line female medical staff is in the physiological period, they can only keep themselves from the toilet for seven or eight hours with the sanitary napkin.

It is very easy to breed bacteria without changing the sanitary napkin for a long time. The airtight protective clothing and goggles will also become sultry and humid. Even urine, blood and sweat will mix together. The degree of discomfort on the body can be imagined.

According to the statistics of Shanghai women's Federation, more than 50% of doctors in the front line of the epidemic are women, and the number of front-line women nurses is more than 90%. As the human resources of all provinces continue to rush to Wuhan, according to the conservative estimate of Phoenix Network Public Welfare channel, the number of female staff in the front line of epidemic prevention is about 100000.

In such a high-pressure and hard working environment, they not only bear a high risk of infection, but also suffer from the most primitive pain and embarrassment as women. The challenges faced by front-line female medical staff are far more difficult than we think.

They protect the people in front, and we can't stand by in the rear


CCTV news and mainstream media actively reported this situation. The all China Women's Federation attached great importance to it and called on everyone to care and help front-line women workers, including medical workers. As a national public welfare organization directly under the all China Women's Federation and focusing on serving women, China Women's development foundation took active action to urgently raise more than 200 million comfort pants, sanitary napkins, autumn clothes and autumn pants from social enterprises in response to women's physiological needs for health supplies, and targeted assistance to front-line female medical staff. However, according to the survey data, there is still a large gap in front-line female supplies, which needs more support from caring people.


After learning about this situation, Fudi Health Technology Co., Ltd. quickly mobilized its own production resources and cooperated with Guangdong Fudi charity foundation decided to donate 1 million yuan worth of negative ion sanitary napkins to female medical staff fighting in the front line of Wuhan epidemic through China Women's foundation to provide menstrual health care for angels in white.

The anion sanitary napkin assisted by Fudi has very efficient absorption and water locking performance, can effectively assist sterilization and anti-inflammatory, reduce the infection rate of gynecological diseases, and can keep dry and ventilated for a long time, so as to protect the health of female medical workers and protect the most beautiful soldiers.


To protect the health of the angels in white is the best guarantee for fighting against the epidemic, to respect and care for them is to encourage the front-line epidemic personnel.

On the afternoon of February 20, Ms. Hu Jing, director general of Fudi charity foundation of Guangdong Province, led a group of senior executives, employees and caring people of Fudi Health Technology Co., Ltd. to pack the 1 million yuan worth of sanitary napkins in the Fudi manufacturing company in Foshan, and delivered them to the first-line medical staff of Wuchang District, Qingshan District and Tongji Hospital in Wuhan.


Thanks to the soldiers in white on the front line of the Anti Japanese War, who built a wall with their bodies to prevent the spread of the epidemic



In the way of great love, Fudi takes care of the angels in white who are protecting us


Donation materials ready for delivery

Since the establishment of the company, Fudi has been adhering to the corporate culture concept of "all we do is for love" and "always put helping others first". It has done a lot of charity projects, including education, poverty alleviation, pension, medical treatment, disaster relief and volunteers. Fudi has always adhered to corporate social responsibility, actively responded to the call of the state and the government, and insisted on contributing love to the society. The donation of sanitary napkin is another great charity activity, which helps the epidemic prevention and control and contributes a little to the fight against the epidemic after millions of masks are sent and disinfected products are put on the market.

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At present, love continues to move forward on the road. Fudi will pay close attention to the voice of the front line of war and epidemic, especially the needs of female medical staff, provide timely and considerate assistance to them who are fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, timely send their care to them, and do their best to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

The original intention of public welfare is to awaken more kindness. Hope more caring people will pay attention to the reality and needs of the war and epidemic front line, care for the brave front-line female soldiers, and provide them with help and care!

We will fight the epidemic together with you, and we will continue to fight the epidemic.

Pay homage to angels in white and women's power!

May you return safe and sound!

Bless Wuhan, bless China!

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