For the 2020 New Economy Billboard, ‘For You’ won two awards, moving forward, and the future can be expected

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year with the COVID-19 epidemic, the accelerated implementation of 5G, and the new infrastructure. The world is facing major changes unseen in a century, and the entire economic development is full of uncertainties. In this context, digitization and intelligence will become an important way to support the operation of the entire social economy. The development of new infrastructure, the promotion of new policies, and the development of the new economy will bring tremendous impetus to the development of the enterprise digital intelligence service market.


From November 25th to 27th, the "2020 New Economy Billboard and Knowledge Economy Expert Committee Meeting" sponsored by "Knowledge Economy" magazine and undertaken by Essence Media was successfully held in the mountain city of Chongqing.

The theme of this conference is "Intelligent creation of the future to the new birth", from 100 companies in the direct selling field, new retail field, big data field, blockchain field, financial field, cultural tourism field, health care product and daily chemical product production field. Representatives of more than Chinese and foreign companies, leaders of regulatory authorities, industry experts and media representatives gathered to evaluate China’s new marketing ecology, analyze the future social e-commerce ecology, new retail enterprise digital intelligence ecology development opportunities and competitive landscape, and look forward to 2021 The new trend of China's social retail ecology is jointly drawing a new map of the digital and intelligent world.


Ms. Hu Jing, the Vice President of Guangdong Nutrition and Health Industry Association, and the chairman of Guangdong For You Charity Foundation, was awarded the "Top Ten Philanthropists in China" for three consecutive years, and represented For You Group in this event.


The conference focused on topics such as "How to achieve new development under the new normal of direct sales and social retail", the "How to cross-border, integrate and apply direct sales and social retail models under the background of the rapid development of mobile Internet", and the "New experience and new gains of new technologies and new elements, such as Internet, digitalization, blockchain, etc., in the transformation and development of the direct selling and social retail industries”. Wonderful dialogues and exchanges were held on these topics as well.


Since 1990, China's direct selling industry has a history of 30 years of development. Thirty years of things changing, 30 years of wind and rain, and 30 years of harvest. During this period, generations of direct sellers contributed to each city with their hard-working. From solving the local employment problem, to enlarging taxpayers, to bringing along a series of surrounding industrial economies, direct selling companies and direct sellers have left an indelible history.



The “Night of Tribute to the 2020 New Economy Billboard” also awarded medals to entrepreneurs and elites who have made important contributions to the development of the entire industry and spread positive energy. Mr. Chen Huaide, Chairman of For You Group, was awarded the title of “30 Years of Direct Selling in China” The honorary medal was accepted by Ms. Hu Jing, the chairman of Guangdong For You Charity Foundation.


These persistence and efforts have not only brought continuous vitality into the market growth of For You Group, but also made positive contributions to the sustainable development of the direct selling industry.


A milestone engraved by the 30-year pursuit of dreams in Chinese direct selling industry, we will cast a new chapter in the future, which is the goal of For You Group.


We still keep going in 2020, and it also indicates that For You will embark on a new journey of dreaming with a firmer and more powerful pace, carrying the hope of each people fromFor You, describing a better future, creating the legend of great love, and fulfilling the noble mission of boundless love.

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